Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Little Mother

Sometimes my 5 year old makes me smile ... and I realize he'll be an excellent teacher someday. (Albeit a slightly bossy one).

At a library event recently, the 3 year old freaked out at the lifesize Clifford, Curious George and Wild Thing (Wild thing? Where did they find that costume???).

Today, my sons were talking about it, and Jacob told Brandon, "they are just people in costumes. We don't need to be afraid of them."

In the middle of the night, if Megan wakes up, She'll wake up her brother, who will calm her down and give her hugs. The 3 kids have always shared a room, but I know where Jacob is 5, the end of room sharing is coming near. Eventually Megan, the lone girl, will have to sleep alone. But it's hard, because I put them to sleep separately, and when I go to get the kids in the morning, they are no longer separated. Typically, I find a big puppy pile of arms, legs, and blankets.

Books we've read a million times for the kids, Jacob will read to Brandon, and to Megan, and they hang on his every word. (Jacob can't read, he just knows the pictures, and the important information about the books).

My favorite part about Jacob trying to act like a mother? If he smells something, he'll check his brother and sister and come tell me who is messy.

Actually, he used to ... now there's not much guessing to do. Brandon is nearly potty trained! We have had a few accidents here and there, but he's doing so good!

Brandon is the peacemaker. I guess that's a typical 2nd child trait? If Jacob is upset because Brandon is in his seat ... often Brandon will move without being asked. Typically the rule is simple. If a sibling has something another child wants, they can ask for it. If whoever has it says yes, great, if no, that's fine too. It's a working method.

We have a family thing this weekend, and we are driving down to Utah. Jacob grabbed the church bag (which was still between the seats where he could reach it), pulled out the coloring books, coloring utensils, and so the boys could color, while their sister played with a toy.

I count myself lucky these kids are such good travelers. Few arguments, few rest stops, and we can make a 4 hour drive in just a little more than 4 hours.

Now if only we could get Jacob's bossy nature under control; ... I'm sure the day will come. :-)

Friday, May 28, 2010

I did it!

Guess what? I cleaned out my van! It took me a while, ... but I've been meaning to do it for a while.

Although the middle-of-nowhere farm summer had something to do with it. (Note: in farming communities, when mice leave fields, they find somewhere to go, Namely your warm engine).

So I took some time, cleaned out my van, and even vacuumed it. Although I swear about halfway through the vacuuming I heard the vacuum cry out for mercy. ("No more! Let me go! NOOOOOOO!!!).

I reset the traps, including this years most active one, which has caught a total of two mice. (Note, they are out of reach of children, one in the glove compartment, and one in the hole where the sliding doors slides in).

Ah ... the joys of summer! :-)

P.S. ... last week Brandon discovered why mom and dad say "don't touch mousetraps if you find them" ..... poor kid.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Drain Monster

See full size image

Last night we were giving my children baths, and everything appeared to be normal, and seemingly ... innocent!

The last person in the tub was Brandon, (3 years old). He was chatting with his older brother while I got the older dried off. I was talking to mom, so I wasn't listening to their conversation. I flipped the drain and let it start emptying while innocently drying Jacob off.

Suddenly, about a minute later, Brandon shrieks and starts throwing the toys out of the tub as fast as his little hands can carry them. He's crying hysterically, much like you would if attacked by a snake.

I catch the washcloth as it comes flying out and toss it back in, I don't want to clean water off the floor. This makes Brandon scream louder, and louder.

Then it sunk it .....

The sweet 5 year old shared some version of some evil drain monster. Grabbing a towel, I swipe Brandon out as fast as I can and put him, soaking wet, on my lap. We sat there, letting him cry, for several minutes.

As his sobs subsided, I explained what I thought "could have" happened to my mom. Jacob had run away to get dressed. At my (very sweet, I'm sure) request, Jacob came back and apologized to his brother.

Taking a car, grandma went to put it in the tub, to show him it was safe, which set him off into fresh hysterics, certain the car was about to be sucked down. It appears Jacob was telling him that if anything, or anybody, was in the tub when it emptied, they would be sucked down into whatever world is under there. (I assume something like flushed away).

In hindsight, it was really funny. We didn't press our luck again today, but tomorrow we'll try another bath and see if our calm explanations helped at all, or if we have to convince him nobody can go down a drain because they were in the tub when the water went out.

Ah ... the age of tales. Drain monsters .... and sweet brothers who love to entertain with scary stories.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


There's been a lot of family around lately. It's totally different being home! (Even if it's only for the summer, I'm loving it! ) Anyway, I had to share this picture .... she's 3 - barely. Look at all that hair! It's thick and LONG. Can you believe that?
The noise was getting to me lately, and I needed a few minutes to myself. So during a break the other day, I drove down to where we have our family reunions every year.
Quiet and peaceful. See the blue dot? My van is the green dot next to it. Space ... lots of it. Alone.
I got some serious time to think. Just to walk around and spend a few minutes by myself to recharge. I think I'll have to make sure I spend time alone every week. That little "me" time.
As spring comes, so is growth and renewal. Moving back and starting work here has been another fresh start. Beautiful! About a half hour alone and I was ready to return to life. One step further from mental breakdown.

The point? I remembered that to keep my heart at peace, to keep sane and non-depressive, I need to remember life goes on, and search out quiet on occasion. It's good for all of us.