Thursday, July 22, 2010

"I'm a big kid now"

I really don't like potty training. Last night I slept through my 3 a.m. alarm .... so did Ben ... and the results are disastrous. Jacob is not a child who is annoyed when he wets his bed. He gets downright hysterical.

He cries, he can't stand being wet ... and it's really not good. So when he wet his bed at 4 ... his crying woke me up. I feel like a bad mom for missing his wake up call.

When Brandon started waking up dry, after a week we agreed to let him move to no pullups at night. His older brother wanted to follow suit, so we agreed, if he's ok with 3 a.m. potty trips until he can wake himself up to use the bathroom.

Then I sleep through his potty trip, and accidents happen. I think about moving him back to pullups at night, ... but he's so good if we take him, and something about being a "big boy" just means so much to him. He wants to be a big boy. Not a baby.

Anyway; this wraps up the semester, we're heading for my 7 week break; and no more days of this.
This is me on the way to school. My adapter plugged in, with the surge protector, and both computers, and usually my phone too. :-) Thankfully I don't do this often, but it makes my car look like the borg are taking over.