Friday, June 17, 2011

Terrible, horrible, no good very bad day

Dang roller coaster. Up and down, bad days, good days.

Yesterday, bad day. Today? Better.

Ben found my depression meds, and realized how many days I've missed in the last three Months (it was a 3 month subscription). I got some jam made, and visited dad in the hospital, (rotator cuff surgery, he's out of commission for a while.) Long while.

today I picked up my depression meds, so I'm back on them, (temporarily? - I even got a 7 day pill minder, so I can remember whether or not I've taken them)!

My best friend down the road (who keeps me sane) is out of town ... we'll have to plan a girls night when she gets back so we can collect sanity!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Speechless in motherhood

[at grocery store]
Jacob: mom … she only has one arm!!! …..
Mom … and you have two arms.
Jacob: But mom, that looks weird!!!

[to primary teacher the week after we stayed home cause I was sick]
We didn’t go to church last week cause mom was too busy killing zombies on the computer ….

[to Megan while she’s coloring]
Me: what do you do with legs?
Megan: walk
Me: what do you do with noses?
Megan: color them!!
Me: what else do you do with noses?
Megan: bite them!!!

Me: Ben; you're a dork.
Megan: You're a dork.
Ben: Laura, look what you're teaching her.
Me: I'm sorry daddy.
Megan: [looking at me] you're not sorry.
Ben: [laughing]

[kids playing, suddenly they start an insult war]
Brandon: you’re a bubblenose!!
Jacob: Mommy, he called me a bubblenose!!!!

Jacob: mommy, I’m sweeping the roof for you!!
Me: Is it dirty?
Jacob: Someday walked on it with muddy feet!
Me: … OK?

Jacob: Mommy … can we watch “Casper the holy ghost?”

Me: who lost their underwear in the box of pears?
Ben: It fell out of the clean laundry as I was taking it out of the dryer.

Making decisions;
me- what do you think?
ben- it's up to you. me- no, it's up to you.
jacob in backseat- no guys. it's up to BOTH of you.

raining today.
jacob said "mother, can you find something to clean the windshield so i can see?"
i turned on the wipers "good thinking mother!"

Ah, the life of a mother. :-)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Salt Flats, salt lake, and a few wrong directions

This weekend we went to Provo for family pictures. Somehow after filling up with gas in Salt lake,we took a wrong turn ...
A - Salt lake, the freeway, where we meant to get back on I-15.
B, Delle, where we turned around ...
C: the border of Utah/Nevada, just in case you wonder how lost we really were!!!
D: the key .... we were WAY out of our way.
E: the great salt lake. I have never seen such a beautiful view. I never realized the lake was so BIG. How is it I've never been there? We will definitely have to go there sometime soon!
F: part of the salt flats, I've never seen those either. Wow!!!! Salt in every direction! It was gorgeous!

So yes, we went an hour each direction out of our way. Yes, it was not good. But I saw more scenery than I knew Utah possessed!! It was amazing!!!!