Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The crash of 2010: the aftermath

In late December, my computer crashed. The week I was due to do my yearly "picture backup." .. during a defragment, I got the blue screen and total frying of the hard drive/motherboard. .. a friend was somehow able to retrieve some info off of it.

Due to ... whatever ... there was an insane amount of picture files on that computer. My two Theories:
1 - because the computer was in a defragment cycle, the pictures were randomly lumped.
2 - google chrome saves images of everything. ... everything. Everything.

I was handed a beautiful file of 70,000 pictures. (No, I'm not kidding.). Of such, intermingled randomly are the pictures of my children taken the past year or so .... very randomly. Its' like a trip down memory lane!! It has pictures of everything. Pictures from every blog I've looked at,
facebook photos I've seen, ads that I didn't notice.

Here's a very random sampling.

I remember seeing this one on Cake wrecks. ( <- AWESOME site.)
must have been a news article ... some natural disaster I bet.
looking up pillow pets when Jacob was begging for one.
uh ... listened to this one?
a game!
absolutely no idea.
good times ... this involved a weird husband and Mcdonalds.

and here and there I find pictures like this one, and the one at the top ... the pictures I was looking for in the first place. This is Megan and Ben at Dad's fiftieth birthday party. So I will keep looking for pictures ... Started with 70,000 items. .. 47,385 items to go!!! and I have found 2,061 pictures I actually wanted. (Although I'm sure some of those are duplicates ..)