Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pancake Deprivation

Above is a totally irrelevant image. Just cause it's pretty.

So today I was babysitting 3 of my nephews. All 6 kids were playing happily downstairs before breakfast. I called them up, and only 3 came up (2 of mine and 1 of the nephews). I asked if they wanted pancakes or cereal.

Ten minutes later I called that breakfast was ready and six kids came running. Those that came before got breakfast, and I sweetly told the others I didn't know they were hungry, and I didn't make enough. So after the first 3, and me, were finished, I would make them more pancakes.

This caused 3 unhappy children, one of whom I'm sure is going to tattle to his mommy and grandma on me, but I feel it was fair.

I did feed the others, about twenty minutes after the first three got food. But one claimed he was so hungry by then he couldn't even carry his plate!

Next time; I have a sneaking suspicion they will come the first time I call. Not the last!