Monday, October 11, 2010

The Pillow Pet

A few weeks ago Jacob decided he wanted a pillow pet. Not just a "Pillow pet", but the "ladybug pillow pet." These are an unnatural hybrid between pillows and stuffed animals. And apparently they're popular.

He saw a commercial and decided this is what he wanted more than anything. As a mom, my original opinion was "NO." But I thought about it, as he asked again and again, and finally came to a decision. I gave him a piggy bank, and said when he had earned, by himself, enough for half the pillow pet, he could buy it with his own money.

He worked, and worked, and worked and worked. (and lost his first tooth, which netted him two dollars, mostly because it's the first. The going rate for second and beyond is not nearly that high).
On Saturday he did his last job, (picking up the living room), ... and his piggy bank net reached 10.13. He was so proud! So we went to the store ... and apparently ladybug pillow pets are the most popular. It took 3 stores (and a few phone calls), to net one. They put it aside, and we walked in and he paid with his change. (Thanks to a very patient cashier).

This is Jacob walking out of the store, very proud .... and I think his new Pillow Pet means so much more to him because begging didn't get it for him. Good hard work did. He even held dad move boxes when we moved! He named the ladybug Michael, I'm not sure why. I asked and his beautiful answer was, "because it's a ladybug pillow pet." ... can't argue with that logic!
The Pillow Pet is the newest member of the family, and Brandon is now saving up for HIS. But he wants a bumblebee . . . at least they didn't choose really expensive things for their first "save up for" item!