Monday, June 6, 2011

Salt Flats, salt lake, and a few wrong directions

This weekend we went to Provo for family pictures. Somehow after filling up with gas in Salt lake,we took a wrong turn ...
A - Salt lake, the freeway, where we meant to get back on I-15.
B, Delle, where we turned around ...
C: the border of Utah/Nevada, just in case you wonder how lost we really were!!!
D: the key .... we were WAY out of our way.
E: the great salt lake. I have never seen such a beautiful view. I never realized the lake was so BIG. How is it I've never been there? We will definitely have to go there sometime soon!
F: part of the salt flats, I've never seen those either. Wow!!!! Salt in every direction! It was gorgeous!

So yes, we went an hour each direction out of our way. Yes, it was not good. But I saw more scenery than I knew Utah possessed!! It was amazing!!!!

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  1. Maybe it was a good reason you went the long way about and got to see places you've never seen before.