Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Speechless in motherhood

[at grocery store]
Jacob: mom … she only has one arm!!! …..
Mom … and you have two arms.
Jacob: But mom, that looks weird!!!

[to primary teacher the week after we stayed home cause I was sick]
We didn’t go to church last week cause mom was too busy killing zombies on the computer ….

[to Megan while she’s coloring]
Me: what do you do with legs?
Megan: walk
Me: what do you do with noses?
Megan: color them!!
Me: what else do you do with noses?
Megan: bite them!!!

Me: Ben; you're a dork.
Megan: You're a dork.
Ben: Laura, look what you're teaching her.
Me: I'm sorry daddy.
Megan: [looking at me] you're not sorry.
Ben: [laughing]

[kids playing, suddenly they start an insult war]
Brandon: you’re a bubblenose!!
Jacob: Mommy, he called me a bubblenose!!!!

Jacob: mommy, I’m sweeping the roof for you!!
Me: Is it dirty?
Jacob: Someday walked on it with muddy feet!
Me: … OK?

Jacob: Mommy … can we watch “Casper the holy ghost?”

Me: who lost their underwear in the box of pears?
Ben: It fell out of the clean laundry as I was taking it out of the dryer.

Making decisions;
me- what do you think?
ben- it's up to you. me- no, it's up to you.
jacob in backseat- no guys. it's up to BOTH of you.

raining today.
jacob said "mother, can you find something to clean the windshield so i can see?"
i turned on the wipers "good thinking mother!"

Ah, the life of a mother. :-)


  1. LOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Life of a Father and a mother.

  2. If there was a "like" button, I would have liked this :-)