Friday, November 5, 2010

The pillow Pet: Version 2

A few short weeks after Jacob earned his, (and their mother has been AWOL from blogging) ... Brandon earned his pillow pet!!!!! We gave him the last two dollars in change for his birthday to earn "his half" of the money.

He was so proud! This time we were prepared, and ben called ahead to find a store that actually CARRIED the pillow pet he wanted. The bumblebee. ironically, this one had recently gotten a shipment and had the ladybugs that we had spent so long finding for Jacob.

he was so happy when he saw it! He grabbed it, and his piggy bank slipped out of his hand. Oops. Well, ... that was one way to get the money out of it.
we picked up the money, summoned a worker and apologized profusely for our mess! Then picked up the big pieces and guarded the mess until somebody was able to sweep it up. (Ceramic hurts ... Jacob has an old scar on his leg proving that).
One more Pillow pet in the family. His name is "peekaboo" ... and I have never seen Brandon so happy! He earned it himself. although we did take the smaller coins and combine them to replace with all quarters. Just to be nicer to the check out lady who doesn't deserve to have to count lots of small coins.

Coming soon; episode 3! Megan is getting really close to her 7.50 (we decided she didn't need half, ... we gave her a little break on account of her being younger.)

Peekaboo joined "Michael the ladybug" and the boys are content.

On a side note; the ladybug now has a hat ... Jacob had an old hat he asked Ben to cut holes in the head so it would fit the ladybug.

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