Saturday, November 19, 2011

Made to Trade

So Today I went to a totally awesome trade/swap. I've never done a swap thing before, but I heard about it and thought it would be fun. Maybe get SOME Christmas shopping done.

Nothing was done as "this is what it's worth on the open Market," it was more or less sold for cost, and it was trade. In my case, there was no money exchanged, anywhere.

<- those are bens cars that he made. The one blue/yellow/red together is a train. He's pretty talented!! (Yes Emily, that is the picture from your blog of the animal cars, it's even laminated to make it look all pretty.).

Then I had some Jam and applesauce that I made. And honestly, we did great! The barter thing was nice, and everybody played nice. Ben owes about 9 cars to people. (He's talented!).

Then check this out!!

A list would bore you, but I have problems finding highlights, therefore, I get to bore anybody who finds the time to read this! I ended up with (some pictured, some not because I have to pick it up later - I made a nice excel document for organizing what I owe and what I need to get still).
- 4 flats of nine mini cheesecakes (heaven!!) (I have two, the other two I will pick up later)
- 2 jars of homemade pickles. One spicy, one regular garlic.
- one lemon sugar scrub
- 1 scripture case (with john Deere tractors!!)
- 3 fabric roll out crayon holders, perfect for church!!
- 1 leather thingy that goes around a cowboy hat
- 4 leather keychains
- 2 books (the body battles a cavity, and the body battles a skinned knee) - VERY informative and awesome. Cute illustrations too.
- 4 hair bows for Megan (really darling!)
- 3 containers of fudge - half pound each
- 2 pink crocheted hats for Megan
- 1 blue warm rice pack for the kids
- 1 even cuter large rice pack for ME
- 2 kitchen scrubbers
- a belt for my nephew with his name on it (getting later)
- a stuffed dog for Brandon - a cute Yorkie
- a cape with Incredibles on one side and superman on the other
- homemade laundry soap (3 gallons!!)
- a set of mittens for me
- 2 pant clips and 2 mitten clips ( <- check this gals website, they are darling.

All in all, it was one awesome swap. I can't wait until next Year!! the best part, CHEAP. There was no money involved for most people, it was just trading things that they make for things we make. (Or Ben makes ... one of us is talented anyway, although I did trade some of my jam).

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  1. This looks like so much fun! I wish I had more marketable talents and we lived in place where people did this more. But really, awesome job ben, and laura, I bet your stuff was DELICIOUS!